SUSTAINABLE FASHION. It is important to us to create sustainable fashion. In the design process, we pay special attention to pattern design techniques, such as ZERO-WASTE. This pattern design method allows us to create clothes according to sustainable fashion; no waste is generated by using this technique in the production of this garment. However, if there are any materials in our studio after the cutting process, they are upcycled. We process them into things that are created in the UPCYCLED COLLECTION.

HANDMADE. All our products are handmade in our studio in Krakow. It’s important for us to manufacture locally because it ensures transparency throughout the entire process. We prioritise craftsmanship, the endurance of each Nawara piece is paramount to the responsible approach.

LOCAL PRODUCTION. To make our clothes, we use the highest quality knitted fabrics produced in Poland with the O-EKO TEX certificate. Local production allows us to operate in a made-to-order and less waste system. This approach changes the way our brand produces clothing and accessories from the very beginning, preventing the situation of having leftover stock and generating waste.